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ASHe Levesque is a self-taught artist born in the Ottawa Valley and has resided in most of Canada's major cities where he has ventured into many artistic venues. 

He has always had the ability to create art but truly found his gift via an epiphany of sorts. In his mid 30's ASHe tackled his 1st large painting to be given as a gift. To his amazement, he was painting in a new style that came from within. 

Since then ASHe began painting more seriously and began to expose his work to the public. Venus varied and his style started to become more figurative, bold, and tenacious. His work reaches out and bonds with the viewer, taking them on a mindful journey.


Presently ASHe lives in Victoria, on the beautiful west coast of BC. Here he is engaged with the arts community and beginning to create art workshops that awaken the soul and spirit. 

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